Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2nd place

Spring Fest came and went over the memorial day weekend, which is a party for our little town complete with a parade, carnival and family fun run.  While I have been completely horrible inconsistent with running at all compared to last year, I decided to run the 5k. Also I decided that I wanted a medal.  I love medals. The best part of this fun run is that getting one is even a possibility.

                                                             me and my sis post race

I started off closer to the front with a family friend who is athletically superior to me in every way, so that I would panic and run faster as she got further and further away. Stellar plan it was! On the last half mile I literally felt like my legs were made of wood. Very uncooperative. However, due to my compulsive need for a medal I did not stop, and basically ran faster.  There were only 3 girls ahead of me at the finish- the family friend, and two high school girls. Congratulations to me, 2nd place in my age bracket, and 4th place overall for women. And feeling like I got hit by a semi the rest of the weekend. Which was so obviously worth it.

Check out that medal with it's bike chain-esque border and cardboard center. It's beautiful. My time was 24:24. Which makes my cross country has been self say,  "seriously?".  Let this be all lesson to all. You are stronger, better, and faster than you think. Probably. And if not, you can always just take up pie making.

Which solves all of your problems. I made this pecan pie. Once you find how quick it is to make it will simultaneously be the best and worst thing that ever happened to you. Use the recipe on the back of the dark karo syrup. Mmmm


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