Saturday, June 15, 2013

insta dump

In the litter of 9 kittens, we have two little runts. I have been supplementing whatever they get from their cat momma with kitten formula in a tiny little bottle. In the process I have created monster baby cats, When you walk into the shop, they run out to greet you with ferocious little meows and climb up your pant leg like the tiny poofy spiders that they are., while their fatty siblings just are mastering the waddle. The formula should come with a warning label: may cause severe kitten entitlement.

It seems like forever ago that we ordered this pilgrim geese. They are supposed to be excellent weeders. They arrived in the mail this week, and they think that my husband is their large goose leader. They toddle after him as fast as they can! They are living in our empty pig barn until they are big enough to not be cat food or mel food. Melly dog gets all possessed and starts shaking when she sees them, we have to keep an eye on her.

Jamie and I ran another 5k this last weekend as well! It was a super small race, but an eventful one for both of us. I may or may not have vomited all over the finish line in my aim at a medal, and Jamie missed the turn around and ran an extra mile. I was so worried, asking finishers if they had run past my pregnant friend. We both had a good laugh and I ended up winning my age bracket and getting second for women overall.

off to bed for this lady.

happy saturday!

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