Thursday, June 20, 2013


2 Nights ago I was sitting at our kitchen table working on my Zaner-Bloser handwriting course for school, so I could have full view of the storm going on out of our big front window. All was well until I see a huge flash of light, a loud reverberating noise that made my insides tingle, and BANG, the telephone pole across the street in gets pulverized by lightning. And by pulverized, I mean some of the wires fell off but it is otherwise alright looking. Anyway I sat there in shock, when it happens again, at which point I respond properly (i.e screamed and ran and huddled in the bathroom where husband was taking a bath, because water is so safe when mixed with electricity and stuff). So Hubby jumps out to evaluate and do manly responsible things like call the PUD so that they can fix the wires and whatnot. The storm rages on, blah blah this is taking too long so I will skip to the good part, when the lineman is up there fixing things, and BAM!!! Lightning hits the tree 30 ft away from him. How uncanny, right!  And how devastating to two things 1) our water pump and 2) the internet. Fried.  Do you have any idea how many things you cannot do in the absence of water and the world wide web? Well. It is about 90% of the stuff I do turns out. There are SO MANY wonderful hours in the day that I have discovered, when you aren't working hard at procrastinating homework.

 The first ripe raspberry in the garden!
 Wiggled these out of the ground and we had them with dinner boiled with a little butter and brown sugar over them. mmmm
 Peek a boo with Rachey
and chocolate chip cookies for another rainy day!

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  1. I'm so sad I missed the storm . . . and excitement. And your cookies.