Friday, June 21, 2013

abandonment and some laundry

Sometimes during special times in my life I get choked up over things easily, usually love stories or people trying really hard and accomplishing things... Hubby loves it (??) So obviously when they gave an old hurricane sandy couple their fantasic date I was all pathetic and sob faced.  I never claimed to like the bachelorette, but I have just started saving decent piles of laundry to fold for the occasion- so you aren't completely wasting your life watching it you know? I'm not wasting time I will never get back, I am folding laundry. And drinking a diet dr. p.

This week I have been walking the fine line between love and hate with this yellow deals!Also known as geese. Lucky for them with a lot of patience and more patience it has morphed into somewhat of a fondness for the little things. They way they toddle everywhere and eat all the weeds is pretty endearing.  Meanwhile in cat land, the babies have been abandoned by their mother at 6 weeks. That was all the mothering she can handle apparently. She probably saw the first one eating dry food and thought, "sweet i am outta here!". It is akin to leaving a 10 year old child at home. Maybe ok but also maybe a horrible idea. She wasn't our cat anyway, just kind of showed up to have some children or something I suppose.

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