Sunday, June 30, 2013


Yesterday Elliott & I drove to Royal City to visit my grandparents! It was good to see them and as you can see we filled our trunk up with enough cherries to make hubs sick for a week. He has no self control when it comes to cherries. To each their own.  I love to pit & freeze pie cherries for pies so we can have them ALL YEAR LONG.... I don't remember it being so  painful last year, but this year I pitted cherries into the wee hours of the night until my hands felt like they were going to cramp up and fall off while watching downton abbey reruns on hulu. Do we really have to wait until January for season 4? Why do you torture us so Masterpiece Classic?

I have always thought this shot is so beautiful, and someday I will do more than stick  my iphone out the window and snap a picture as we cross the dam, but here the potholes are in all their sagebrushy glory.

Husband spoke in church today. I was so proud of the man! I have never actually seen him speak in public and it was one of those times where you see your spouse in a new light and think " I bagged a good one." Bagged him good. What a hottie.

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