Monday, June 24, 2013

first world problems

Today was one of those days where you  open up your purse to pay for lunch and all you've got in there is a bunch of jelly beans. Completely useless.

I got basemented at work with the sniffles- all I wanted to do is dump a garbage bag of shredded paper on the floor and curl up in it like an oversized hamster and take a nap for two hours. But mainly I just shredded old charts.

I got a bowl of cookie dough ice cream after dinner, only for hubs to tell me that we were going over to his parent's house for dessert in 15 min. So obviously I had to eat dessert twice ( it was coconut cake duh). It was so hard. Not. But it is disturbing how much it feels like I have ruptured my stomach. Yet also worth it. Disturbing how worth it it was.

It should be said that I have nothing of importance to say at this point.


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