Thursday, August 18, 2011

farm tour

I am a housewife ( despite my efforts to find a job). I live on a farm. I am never bored. This is why!

This corn. I have spent more time in and around and tunneling through this corn then I ever imagined. I have weeded it, thinned it, and doubted that the actual corn would ever grow. But here it is.

Elliott planted me some lettuce & spinach 2 weeks ago, and I have been taking care of it. It is SO NICE to grow your own lettuce. Want a salad? Go pick one. Ta daaa easy.

Somehow when I got home, Husband's chickens became MY chickens. Every morning after my run I go and get their eggs and say hello, or from their point of view rob and startle them. The first time Elliott put an egg in my hand ehh fresh from a chicken I almost vomited, or at least pretended like I was going to for dramatic effect. Now they are better at laying and I am over the initial grossed outness. We picked a watermelon this morning that wasn't quite ripe yet. And the poultry feasted.

And Mel. I picked up Mel's replacement from the airport last week. A 10 week old little puppy, that I adore until he starts trying to eat my hands. Mel is getting old so Elliott and I took pity on her and bought her a nice dog bed and now she sleeps in our laundry room. Mel LOVES Elliott. She gets jealous when we cuddle so she always tries to sneak in and cuddle, too. Sometimes she runs a mile to catch up with Elliott on the 4-wheeler. That is devotion.

Well that's all for now.


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