Friday, August 26, 2011

Sissy Chels and I went to Spokane yesterday to run some errands for my hubby. We ate lunch with my dad at the hospital where he works and he showed us around : )

And then... the AC in my car decided that it hated Chels and I. We both DESPISE being too hot. We are fall people. Summer weather is bearable if there is a beach or a boat involved. We ran the rest of our errands half alive, praying that the AC would come back on, which it did. Occasionally.

Anywhooo we booked it home. And I made chicken curry for dinner. And then I got extremely nauseas. And puked more times than I am willing to count. Hubs got home from home teaching after vomit #2 and put my hair up out of the way and was my food poisoning coach. "How many glasses of water have you drank!?" " Drink 3 more!" He is a food poisoning veteran after serving a mission in Africa. The man knows what he is doing.

Today I am laying low. Coincidentally it is date night and I am picking up a pizza instead of cooking and having cuddle and movie time with husband : )


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