Friday, March 27, 2015

"mom shower" defined

You took morning nap with your little because they were up so much in the night. Now it's time to run errands and you look like you crawled out of your garbage disposal  really great for all that you do as a mom. Time for a mom shower!

They take on many forms, my most frequented is called " the 5 minutes to fab from far away". Because up close it's clear that your dry shampoo is still all clotted at the crown of your head. Ideal for grocery shopping, and play dates with friends who love you regardless of how many days you have worn your same momiform.
here's how:  load your hair up with dry shampoo. that's why you buy suave, because you literally dump in on your head by the bottle and you spend so much on diapers you can't afford the good stuff. while it soaks up the oil from your day four hair ( aint nobody got time for a wash and blow dry) put on clean underwear. Toss on your go to choice of boyfriend jeans, brush your teethers, and form your hair into a disheveled pony. Not caring is so hot right now.

Then there is the "date night dropout" because it is Friday night. and you want to get that knee down leg shave for your man. It's called dropout because if you weren't lucky enough to get it done during nap, then it's for your little one dropping all their toys out of their high chair that you pulled into the bathroom and strapped them in with a snack so you could scrub the important parts and  get almost all of the conditioner rinsed out of their hair before they attempt a high chair jail break.
here's how: bring your sweet babe and their favorite snack, and put them in the high chair in the bathroom- within sight and leap out of shower naked to pick up dropped toy distance of course. NOW RUN. Go fast. because you have three minutes to get yourself scrubba dubbed.

Lastly, their is the "sunday spa" where your husband is home to watch your littles and you are free to sit down in there on the bench like an old lady might and relish in the hot water rinsing the baby oatmeal out of your hair. The holy grail of mom showers.

Note:   I never promised anything about run on sentences here, people.

What is your go to mom shower? Also where is my laugh/sob emoji when I need it!!

I like this picture of my lovey using my face as a warm pillow. And since this post is tragically real, you can notice my fantastic post partum hair regrowth. They are the sidebangs I never wanted, ha ha!!

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