Thursday, December 17, 2015

dear 21 month old

Dear Elsie Lou,

You are 21 months old.  I am not okay with how quickly you are growing up, but I couldn't be more proud of you. You have the biggest heart, and your hugs and "I wuv woo's" fill my heart to overflowing. You are bright and determined, you are passionate and funny. You love an audience and feed off the energy of large gatherings. In church you like to open the hymn book and lead the music yourself, flipping through each page. You love to wrap up your babies and take such sweet care of them, I know you will be the best big sister. Our most read book is Curious George and the puppies. You love to go for walks and to be outdoors. In the bathtub you like to sing songs with me, you love book of Mormon stories. You like to take me by the hand and pull me to whatever activity you are working on and need me to join in. You still love to be held. Now when I sing you a song before bed, you sing along the words you know. I could kiss your chubby cheeks all day and I hope you always keep your hand dimples. You are generally very well behaved when we are out and about and you make things fun and silly. You finally will stay and play in nursery, even though I still check on you frequently, peeking in through window to see how you are doing. It's hard for me to let other people take care of you. You have recently gone from calling me "momma" to "mommy" and "dada" to "daddy". It makes you sound so grown up. If I ask you if you are a baby or tot you tell me " TOT!" with a surety. We like to play music during the day and you like to grab my hands and say "dance!"  I am so very very grateful to be your mother, it is my greatest joy, and you are the greatest little person.


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