Sunday, March 23, 2014

Elsie Lou's Arrival

My Elsie Lou has arrived! Named for her great grandmother on her daddy's side, Elsie, and Lou for both Elliott & I's grandmothers, Lareva Lou, and Betty Lou.

The Sunday night before she came, I had a hope that my body was finally going into labor on it's own ( at 40 weeks 5 days) ! I started to have regular but bearable contractions about 10 min apart into the next morning.  I had an appointment that day, and my hope beyond hope was that I would truly be in labor, and that they would keep me, and we would have our baby girl here finally! I had my hospital bag in the car and was ready for anything, and seriously told everyone to pray that baby would come that day so I wouldn't have to be induced later in the week. I spent the morning shopping and eating at Olive Garden with my mom and stopping and resting each time a contraction hit.

The Dr. did not think I was in labor. I was only at a 2. She told me that people have contractions like that sometimes for days, but since my appointment was in Spokane, she sent me over to the hospital to be monitored for a while to be on the safe side. They kept coming, but no progress. They were getting ready to send me home, when they decided they wanted to watch baby's heart rate for a little while longer. And THAT is when it hit. Worst contraction thus far. And just like that, my water had broken!! The most startling experience ever!!

Everyone changed their tune pretty quickly after that! I was hauled away, given a hospital gown and admitted. I swear it took about 5 minutes for true labor to hit hard. A pain of an intensity that I have no way of describing. I have a whole new respect for woman kind. I really really do. That pain makes anything else look like a cake walk. Things happened VERY quickly after that. I called Elliott, and he headed on his way! We were all so pleasantly surprised. It also should be said that I was positive after a few contractions that this momma to be would be having an epidural, and I am not even ashamed. Mothers who go without deserve medals and giant cupcakes. Pain or no pain though, I pushed that baby girl into this world, and that was all me! So my water had broken at 6, and baby girl was here by 12:45 am, no pictocin necessary.

I remember it all so vividly, and unfortunately so does Elliott ha ha! We were planning on kicking it old school where he hangs out in the waiting room and comes in when we are all clean and nice. FALSE! I got to a ten so fast, the nurse just ordered him to " Grab a leg!".  He got a front row seat to the whole ordeal.  I remember my last push, and I knew she was out and I heard her cry, and they put her right away on my chest. I will never forget the first few minutes of those big big eyes staring up at me while they stitched me up. I was in shock! This little person was all ours to keep.

Elsie Lou Goodrich
8 lbs 11 oz
21 inches 

Then I went into actual shock from labor and started shaking uncontrollably and my lips and hands turned blue. I was so scared! Turns out I lost too much blood for a vaginal delivery, and we had to stay in the hospital an extra night. We were so ready to go home by the end!! Elsie proved herself a little nursing champion. Right after she got here I wanted to try to feed her and I just said to Elliott " I don't know how!", but this little girl knew exactly what she was doing.  She was known throughout the maternity ward for her appetite ha ha.

Life at home with little Els is a treat. She really is a good baby ( excepting when I have chocolate or caffiene.... never again). I feed her and she is awake for a little while and I read her a story or just kiss her freaking adorable face. Then she goes into a milk coma and starts to stir about 2 and half hours later when she is hungry again. She loves warm baths and cuddling with her momma and daddy. We are tired but we are happy. I am in love with being this little girl's momma.

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