Thursday, March 6, 2014


YESTERDAY was my due date. I knew all along that my baby would probably be a little later than the day I was handed 10 months ago. Babies in my family are big, and they are untimely.  However, it was a little discouraging to go into my appointment on my due date,  and be told that I am still at a measly one!! I responded with "nooooooooooooo!!" Because really, no way!! I have been having contractions and cramps and walking and walking and walking. Women should really just get a due month. You will have your baby sometime between 38 and 42 weeks. The end. Because all due dates really do is psych you out. I have been living on the edge a bit. My house has never stayed this immaculate for such a long stretch of time!  I never leave dishes until morning, because what if she comes in the night! And that leads to wiping down all the cupboards, organizing the fridge, and a slew of other cleaning and organizing activities. I am not even sure that it is nesting. Because it is like I enjoy it. It's like I have uncovered some inner compulsive cleaner who gleans way too much satisfaction from a shiny fridge door without fingerprints. My mom is probably proud.

Plus every contraction makes you think... COULD THIS BE IT!!?? And it's not. And that is hard.  I felt like the dr. told me I would be pregnant for life, even though he told me we would evict her next week if she isn't busting a move. She is Elliott & I's child. We should have expected her to be a stubborn little love even in the womb. I just cannot wait to meet this little girl and see those tiny feet that have be protruding out of my tummy the last few weeks. I am so very ready and so very excited. 

My tummy has definitely dropped. I can breathe! And it also comes with some startling pressure when walking, and literally going to the ladies room every half hour. Something kind of neat has happened though! My swelling that was so terrible is basically gone!  I don't know if it is the walking or excessive drinking of water or just a stroke of luck. Obviously I am still a little poofy looking. But that is not so much edema ...and more.. the haagen daas.Weeks 32-37 I was so so very swollen and my feet would hurt so badly at the end of the day... and it just kind of dissipated. I am sooo very grateful. 

Hopefully she will come on her own, but until then I am just trying to stay busy and enjoy time with hubs : )


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