Saturday, February 22, 2014

feeling fab

It should be said I felt fantastic today! I had an achievement days conference, and it was so fun talking to those girls! They are so silly and so sweet. There were at least 5 girls there from the 3rd grade class I student taught in, so it was a happy reunion. It has been a while since I have heard... "MRS GOODRICH!!!" It was also mani and pedi day. I swear the place I go may be the most sketchy, but it is the BEST and cheapest you will ever get. The lady I always end up with is so sweet and massaged the swollen right out of my poor hands and ankles. Then hubs and I worked in the garden, and I had so much energy I just wanted to freaking jog a mile. A couple of laps around the yard sufficed.   And- we shared a blizzard. Yes, my germaphobe husband and I effectively shared an ice cream. It was a nice little day. 


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