Monday, February 3, 2014

on being 36 weeks

I am 36 weeks pregnant. Good nights sleep are a thing of the past. I am always torn between doing something productive like mopping floors, getting to packing a hospital bag, or taking a 2 hour nap.

I am getting used to being this big. I am getting good at it! I cleaned out a garage with hubs today (  a post for another time), loaded stuff into the truck, loaded it out at goodwill, AND THEN found two unbroken eggs I had forgotten about in my farm coat pocket. Do you know why this is!? Because I am so careful with my baby bump that even forgotten eggs in my bump pocket survived a move. We can attribute the forgotten eggs to pregnancy brain.

It hurts to walk around. It feels like.... I have a 5 pound water balloon with a baby inside of it, pressing down on my pelvis threatening to burst open at every step. Oh wait that is kind of for real the deal.

 I have not had heart burn, but I get acid reflux pretty bad at night.

I am not nervous about labor. I read a book about hypnobirthing and relaxation and feel pretty on top of things at this point.  I would like to see how long I can go without an epidural, but I won't rule it out. Because A) it would be embarrassing to claim to want a natural birth only to chicken out and B) ..... I don't have a B. So just be content with A. I am interested in a natural birth, yet not fully committed.

I have a lot to do. I am in the midst of cleaning out the home of an antique collector, my hubby's grandma, which is no small task. In fact, it is incredibly overwhelming. After my baby shower this weekend, I need to take an inventory of things we still need, get those things, get all babe's clothes washed and organized in her dresser, set up the crib....have a panic attack ( jk mainly ), and have my baby girl!!!! I can't wait for her to be here.

here are the eggs that survived!  told ya!


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  1. Seriously girl, KILLING IT. You are the most gorgeous pregger! Trust me, I am in my OB rotation in the hospital, and I know what the preggers look like. Have you looked into hypnobirthing? It might be too late to start it but it goes along with the natural birth thing, and is basically just training yourself to go into a state of deep relaxation so that you have more control over everything They taught it to us in a lecture last week and it seemed pretty interesting! Anyway, so excited for you!!!