Monday, September 2, 2013

hey 3rd grade

Student teaching began for me last week, if my sniffles/kleenex abuse aren't a complete indication that it is back to school! When your all grown up and such you forget what 8&9 year olds are even about. Basically they are just adorable. They can kind of write. And kind of read ok. And they are very affecionate and eager to please. And very amusing at spelling. Monkey or munky, you know? We are just diving in and establishing routines, you have to remember to explain everything everything and what to do before everything, what to do after everything, and how quiet to be. And then repeat it the next day. We'll get it down soon!

Mainly you just have to dig deep and find your inner educational clown. They like to laugh those 3rd graders! They wanted to know all about farm life, what types of animals we had, why we had them, and exactly how many different brightly colored pairs of slack I own. Not enough children, never enough.

On a random note I have really started to take pride in packing well rounded lunches for myself all divided up into their individualized tupperwares and busting them out in the staff room. I probably get as excited about lunch as the kiddos being the ravenous preggers that I am.

Speaking of, this post was going to take a different turn and be called barf chronicles, but I realize that nobody really wants to read about each episode of the preggers pukies regardless of how novel I find this experience to be. Part 1- Safeway Spewing, a parking lot special, part 2-  Macaroni at Midnight, it's all in my hands. You get the idea.

Mainly I procrastinated my homework and every internet page in the world will load except the one I need. Hard lessons.


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