Monday, August 26, 2013

engulfed in powerful winds and also rain

Before I became the farmwife, I used to really enjoy storms! When I was little we would lay out on the trampoline with my dad and count until the lightning would strike and try to predict the next loud bang of lightning. Storms were exciting and entertaining.  Now it's chaos!! AHHH harvest that! Get the geese, get the chicken off the grill, runnnnn!

The sirs went to harvest what they could of the sugar beet seed before it hit, and I got to chauffeur them around- taking them to different trucks since it is Sunday and we didn't have any extra hands. It is nice to be needed in that way sometimes (i.e. twice a year maybe).

Doesn't look like we were about to be engulfed in powerful winds and rains does it!! Anywhoo the power went off and hubs and I played the farming game (we just can't escape it can we) and ate cake by candlelight. It ended too soon. I just loved it.

In other news, we have a new kitty. Hubs and I don't have tons in common besides our mutual love and devotion to one another and also macaroni and cheese , but we both have a major soft spot in our hearts for our animal friends. This meow was crying from under a car in the church parking lot, so we obvs coaxed it out and took it to it's grand new home on the farm! It was so hungry. Poor thing. You may get eaten by a coyote but you will not be hungry!

And lets face it there is going to be a lot of bump watch going on here. Give me a B! For bloated? I don't know but we have got something going on people. A lot of blogs post week by week pregnancy pictures, and I finally see one that looks similar to mine, and guess what they are having twins. I am not. Errybody's different! I am just ready for some elastic waistbands. I am talking full panel. Lets make that happen.


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