Sunday, January 19, 2014

34 week update!

Total weight gain: I do not even want to know. 25+ ish. I just figure whatever extra I eat goes to baby's chubby cheeks of course. 

Maternity clothes? Yep and I am starting to grow out of some. Good thing I am not working at this point because husband's t's and sweatpants are actually what fits best!

Best moment this week: She was really moving last night and I got a neat video to send to a few family members. She is so strong! And probably so incredibly cramped in there. 

Stretch Marks? No, but there is this great story called I must have scratched my tummy taking my shirt off, and had somewhat of a breakdown to the hubs about my new "stretchmarks" that disappeared  in a few hours.  False alarm people!

Miss Anything?  ... my addiction to diet coke and being able to put on my shoes without feeling like i am going to fall over/die. 

Movement: She is a squirmy little thing! She is especially active in the evenings and late at night. Hopefully we can change that around a bit before she arrives or I will be one tired momma. 

Food cravings: Surprisingly no! I still love the things I used to love, and hubs has been lucky that I have not shoved him into the car to the store from some craving induced fury.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Sometimes in the morning I just feel nauseous, but I hardly ever throw up like in the first trimester, thank goodness!              

Symptoms: My back muscles on my left side are MESSED! I have been sleeping on my left side since it is supposed to be great for baby and I, but I have knots that no man or mom can conquer. I think we might have to call in a professional.  Other than that I have had a few braxton hicks contractions, and this awesome pressure from baby that gives me a reallly special walk. The other night my back muscles were hurting and I had acid reflux so badly I was just awake for a few hours in the night. I had a glass of milk and a piece of white bread to try to calm it down. It was my first sleepless preggers night. 

Belly Button in or out? It is so very out. 

Looking forward to:  My baby shower, and getting all of her clothes and things washed and set up. Because I have not done ANY of that yet!!  We still need to buy her crib and whatnot.  Hubs is convinced baby will wait as long as possible to come out, but I just look at this tummy and wonder how it is physically possible that she could stay in there for 6 more weeks!

Other things: PEOPLE ARE SO NICE TO THE PREGNANT! I am overwhelmed by how kind strangers are to me! They will take my cart in the parking lot of the grocery store so I don't have to put it away, let me cut to the front of lines, and generally leap out of my way. It is the sweetest thing and I have been so grateful. I don't even mind that 90% of the conversation directed at me is pregnancy/baby related, because really it's the vast majority of what is on my mind. 

I am thinking about starting to pack my hospital bag. I just need to find the perfect coming home outfit for baby and something comfy that actually fits me for the hospital. From what I have read my maternity clothes should be just fine coming home since I will still look about 5 months pregnant until my uterus fully contracts back. Cool right!?.... and stuff. 

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