Thursday, January 30, 2014

baby cakes

Cakes. They speak to me. Mini things. Likewise. Mini cakes?! Nothing could be more appealing! Especially to a preggers. Which is why I decided to bake my small pinterest obsession into reality. It seems a pretty fitting activity for a person whose wardrobe has been narrowed down to her husband's pajama drawer.  

I started with a boxed cake mix ,and mini tiered cake pan that I bought one day after I watched Cake Boss for the first time. And last time I might add.  But the shape stifled my creative ability, so I cut each layer into parts, and then put them in a freezer for a little nap and easy frosting later.

Then I made your standard buttercream frosting. Only to decide it tasted pretty standard. So, in true Kayla fashion I went and browned some butter, dumped it in, added a little more powder sugar, a little more vanilla, and just a dash of salt. Or two. It's neither here nor there. And it was delicious. 

I got out my best safeway sprinkles, and colored my frosting pink and essentially attacked my little frozen cake slices with reckless abandon and the occasional addition of construction paper hearts. 

And they came together kind of adorable. 

And a family picture of all of the cake siblings together for your viewing pleasure.
Husband ate the middle one first. 
And my chickens got the scraps. 
And maybe melly dog even got a bite of cake, too. 

to look at the cakes that inspired me, go here


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